Banícke múzeum (Mining Museum Rožňava)

The Banícke múzeum is the local history museum of the district which specializes in the history of metallurgy and mining in the Slovak Ore Mountains as well as the fine art of the Felső-Gömör region.

In 1912, seven years after moving into the new museum building, the institution founded in 1902 opened its first mining, metallurgy and mineralogy exhibition. The same year the Rožňava Museum was founded. After several attempts the two museums were finally merged in 1940 and three years later the new institution opened its first permanent exhibition divided into two sections: metallurgy and mining section and a local history section.

The actual organizing and museum managing work began in 1956 and the seventies and eighties were exceptionally fruitful decades for the museum. In that period the institution had the opportunity to expand its collection and the building, as well as to set up new permanent exhibitions. Retaining young professionals largely contributed to the institution's success.

József Csobádi
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