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The Bra Dictionary  by  Celia Rowan

The Bra Dictionary by Celia Rowan
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Finally a book to educate every woman about bras so she can finally know how to buy the right size and style bra for her particular body.It wasnt until Oprah did her Bra Revolution show that masses of women were told point blank that they were more likely than not, wearing the wrong size bra.

I think we all silently breathed a sigh of relief that we werent the only one with bra issues. Did you know statistics have shown that upwards of 80% of women have been wearing the wrong bra size most of their lives and didnt even realize it?Weve been walking around in bras that allow our breasts to sag and to wiggle and wobble. Bras that create back fat and bras that give us quadro-boobs!Arent our mothers suppose to mentor us in all things having to do with wearing the proper bra?

We find the answer to that question in the subtitle of this book, Facts Your Mother Shouldve Told You About Bras But Didnt Becuase She Didnt Know Them Either!Celia Rowan was stunned and fascinated back in November 2005 when Oprah broadcasted that first Bra Revolution program. Thankfully Oprah brought bras along with all of their ills out into the light of day and openly discussed them in depth via mass media.While watching the show Celia thought back to how she was introduced to the fact it was time for her to start wearing a bra.

She was twelve and became embarrassed when she walked into her bedroom one day and found a bra laying on her bed. When she walked downstairs all her mother said was, you have to start wearing a bra now. That was it. That was the sum total of her education on the topic of bras.By the end of Oprahs show Celia fully realized just how much she didnt know about the world of bras.

Thats when she decided to educate herself further on the topic. Over the years she filled a file full of facts and tidbits she picked up along the way. Even how to sew your own bra which she did because she wanted to fully understand what goes into the construction of a garment that is so fundamental to every womans appearance and sense of self-confidence.Out of all that collected information came The Bra Dictionary where youll learn:~ What part of the bra is repsonsible for providing most of the support to the breasts.~ How to eliminate back fat, quadro-boobs, and shoulder strap gouge.~ What do cupcakes and cookies have to do with bras.~ Why your bra size differs from bra to bra.~ How to calculate your own bra size.~ How often you need to re-calculate your bra size and why.If you tried collecting and collating all the bra information contained in The Bra Dictionary it would take you endless hours.

This book has done all the work for you. Read The Bra Dictionary all the way through and then re-read and re-read it again. Yes...its that packed full of information.Information every woman should know about bras for herself and to pass on to her daughter.

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